Additional week of summer camp - August 25-29

August 1, 2014

An additional week has been added to the summer camp schdeule for those 12-17 interested in learning to row.

The camp will now run the week of August 25-29 as well. Registration details can be found here.


ORC Athlete Fund

July 29, 2014

The Ottawa Rowing Club Athlete Fund was established in 2008 for the purpose of assisting Ottawa Rowing Club athletes in rowing endeavors that help to promote the sport and the Ottawa Rowing Club at the international level. Team selection for these competitions typically occurs very close to the event, giving athletes little time to raise money for foreign trips, when costs aren't covered by national sporting organizations.

For some events such as the Pan-Am Games, World Championships and the Olympic Games, athletes' expenses for the actual event are fully covered (other than personal expenses). For other events, the athletes are responsible for all or the majority of their costs. The Athlete Fund is intended for these individuals.

By supporting ORC athletes pursuing rowing at the highest levels in the sport, we are helping raise the level of athlete aspirations at the club. Not only do these individuals stand as role models for our current members but they are ambassadors for the club. Their success helps to solidify the reputation of the Ottawa Rowing Club as a competitive club able to produce high performance athletes therefore attracting more athletes to the club. But above, all by supporting our athletes we show them how proud we are of their accomplishments.

Athletes wishing to receive support from the Fund should express their intent to the Athletes' Representative. They should indicate the event for which they require funding, total cost to participate in the event, and any support provided to the athlete from other sources. Funds will be distributed based upon need and funding availability. 

Full details about the application process can be found here.


RowOntario 10 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze medals for ORC

July 28, 2014

The thunderstorms held off for a successful weekend of racing by ORC crews this past weekend. Competitive crews left Welland, ON with 10 Gold, 8 Silver and 8 Bronze and many other hard fought races after the 2 day regatta.

The ORC managed to sweep the podium in the U23 lightweight men's 2-, and dominated other finals with more than 1 crew qualifying through each event. Competitive crews now return to Ottawa for a final week of training before returning south for the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.

Gold Medalists: Sr W2x, U23 Lwt M2-, U23 Lwt W2x, U19 W4x, U23 Lwt M4-, U19 W2x, U17 W2x, Sr Lwt M2-, Sr Lwt W4x, U23 Lwt M1x.

Silver Medalists: U23 Lwt M2-, U23 Lwt W2x, U23 Lwt M4-, Champ W2x, U17 W4x, Sr M8+, U19 M4x, Sr Lwt W2x

Bronze Medalists: Sr M2-, U23 Lwt M2-, Sr Lwt W2-, U19 M8+, Sr Lwt W1x, U19 M2-, Sr W4x, Champ W8+


ORC end of summer season pig roast

July 23, 2014

ORC pig roast poster



The ORC's Royal Henley garden party

July 23, 2014

Henley send off party invitation


132nd Annual Royal Canadian Henley Regatta - August 3-10, 2014

July 22, 2014

Download everything you need to know for athletes, spectators and parents attenidng this year's Henley regatta. Masters racing is on the weekend of August 2-3 while the remainder of the regatta runs from August 5-10.


Caution in the parking lot - new rules for drivers and cyclists

July 14, 2014

A friendly reminder to all members arriving to the club by car to please check side and rear view mirrors and check blind spots for cyclists and pedestrians on foot before entering into the parking lot and pulling into a parking space.

Please also enter at low speed and be alert of your surroundings and other traffic arriving at the club.

Cyclists please dismount when you get to the gate before the old boathouse and walk your bike into the racks from there. We have had a couple of very close incidents with people coming out of the boathouse with singles as bikers ride past and we need to keep the safety of everyone in mind.

Cyclists and pedestrians on foot are reminded to stay to the right of the lane way down to the club. Thank you for your cooperation.


RowOntario regatta information sheet

July 12, 2014

Download an information sheet here with everything you will need to know as an athlete, parent or spectator coming to the Ontario championship RowOntario regatta in Welland on July 25-27, 2014.


ORC at CanAmMex regatta

July 12, 2014

Congrtaulations to the ORC's Louise Munro for two gold medal at the CanAmMex regatta at Lochaber Lake, Nova Scotia.Louise wasa member of the junior womens double and quad taking 10 second victories in both races ahead of Mexico and the United States in third.

Full results of the regatta can be found here.


ORC in Montreal and Philadelphia

July 10, 2014

This past weekend, the Ottawa Rowing Club was represented well at two different regattas.

From July 4-6, ORC competitive crews raced against strong American athletes at the Independence Day Regatta in Philadelphia, PA. The team placed 3rd overall in the Mariner Trophy, winning 9 events and racing finals in others. The rest of the lightweight men’s Commonwealth Team joined Matt Fournier and the senior men’s program leading the watch count (prize for winning) for the weekend.

Event winners are Men’s lightweight 4x (M. Fournier, K. Tierney, A. Kunkel, L. Hall), Men’s Intermediate Light 4+ (K. Tierney, L. Hall, P. Steneker, J. Potts, L. Wilson), Men’s Lightweight 2x (M. Fournier, L. Hall), Senior Women’s 2x (J. Pelham, L. Page), Women’s Intermediate lightweight 2x (A. Fogarty, A. Currie), Men’s Intermediate 2- (K. Tierney, L. Hall), Men’s Intermediate lightweight 1x (A. Kunkel), Men’s lightweight 1x (M. Fournier), Women’s Intermediate 1x (M. Kay).

On July 5, ORC Competitive and Masters crews traveled to Montreal to compete at ERA Championships. The team placed 3rd overall in the Comstock Trophy winning 6 events and making finals in others. Event winners are Junior Men’s 4+, Junior Women’s 2x, Junior Women’s 1x, Masters Men 2x, Masters Men's 1x and Masters Women's 1x.

Thank you to all coaches, volunteers and supporters of our crews this weekend and congratulations to all!


Canada Day thanks

July 3, 2014

The ORC Canada Day party was a great success! A very big THANK YOU!! to all those who came out to celebrate with us and especially to our volunteers and staff who worked as a great team to make this event run so smoothly, creating an enjoyable evening for all. Keep checking the website for information on more upcoming special events at the club!


Ottawa River water quality poor

June 30, 2014

Just to let you know, we have received the first result of water quality sampling – it was a bit late.
The samples were collected just after a rain event in the middle of June, and the E. coli count was 300 units/100 ml.

That is as high as the River Keeper program has detected at the ORC docks in the past.

Therefore, it is suggested that extra care be taken with any open blisters, cuts or wounds.
Needless to say, swimming at this time is not really encouraged from the docks.
It is expected that the elevated E. coli count could continue due to the storms that are predicted for Canada Day.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Paul Mudroch
ORC – Masters rowing program


Congratulations Matthew Fournier and Louise Munro

June 30, 2014

The Ottawa Rowing Club is thrilled to share in the announcement that ORC athletes, Matthew Fournier and Louise Munro, will be representing Canada internationally this summer.

Matthew has been selected to Canada’s national team racing at the Commonwealth Rowing Regatta in Scotland from August 9 to 10, 2014.

Louise has been selected to Canada’s national team racing at the CanAmEx Regatta in Lochaber, Nova Scotia from July 11 to 12, 2014.

Please join us in celebrating this news and congratulating both Matthew and Louise on their selections! We wish them well!


Yoga at the ORC - starting June 24

June 19, 2014

Nourish your Mind, Body & Spirit :)

When:        Every Tuesday at 6pm starting June 24

Where:      ORC Interpretive Centre

Who:         Tuesday night yoga is open to ALL ORC members

Why:          Improve your oarsmanship
                  Improve posture and body alignment
                  Build core strength and increase flexibility
                  Reduce stress
                  Feel energized
                  Train harder with fewer injuries
                  Fine tuning your sense of balance and sensory awareness
                  Develop your mental focus and concentration
                  Observe the world in a more positive light
                  Quality breathing

Your Yoga Teacher:
Terry Hind is a certified Group Fitness, Water Fitness and Yoga Instructor.  With over 25 years of teaching experience, he has taught many types of group exercise classes as well as Yoga and Pilates, in government, corporate, commercial and community centre fitness settings. Terry is known for his high-energy and enthusiasm in his group fitness classes and his connection with mind-body-spirit in his yoga classes. He has a passion for health and well-being that he loves to share. 

So!  Get your yoga mat and get ready to:

  1. Drop the brain (be in the present moment]
  2. Listen to the body (honour your limitations)
  3. Control the breath (deep cleanse your breath)


Summer club hours

June 11, 2014

For the remainder of June the hours are:

5:00 am to 7:00 am and 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm on weekdays
7:00 am to 12:00 pm on weekends

For July and August the hours are:

5:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekdays
7:00 am to 12:00 pm on weekends



Glebe Collegiate wins two golds at CSSRA Regatta

June 8, 2014

Congratulations to Glebe Collegiate for two natonal championship victories at this weekend's Canadian Secondary School Rowing Assoication national championship regatta in St Catharines.

Glebe rowers Gillian Cross and Hayley Watt took a 25- second victory in the junior womens double final, then joined by Katie Clarke and Reilly McClure, they also won gold in the junior womens quad final, taking first in that race by 12 seconds.

Lisgar's Louise Munro finished second in the senior womens single category and picked up another silver by joining fellow Lisgar rower Mitzi Banic to take second in the senior womens double final.

Glebe also had a bronze medal in the senior men 72 kg cox four final.

In total Ottawa high schools had vcrews in eight finals as the three day regatta wrapped up


Obstructions around the bridge - May 30

May 30, 2014

Attention all coaches and crews. It has been brought to the safety committee attention that there has been additional signage put into the river on both sides of the MacDonald - Cartier Bridge.
Please take caution with all boats when going through this bridge.

These signs will be there for at least a year, but will possibly change location around the bridge as the work on it progresses.

There are also barges under the bridge. Their location will change as the work progresses also.
Once again be aware of these obstacles as you and your crews enjoy their water sessions.

Jeremy Courtney
ORC Safety Chair


Summer staff 2014

May 19, 2014

Some of the club's summer staff for 2014 will begin work this week so you should notice a few changes around the office.

Our goal is to staff the office from 8:00 am to closing Monday through Friday and when the club is open on weekend mornings and holidays. To do that the club has hired two rowing co-ordinators Marika Kay and Karin Germann to split the office time with executive director Melissa McKenzie. Many will know Marika as a leading member of the competitive program for several years while Karin has in the past been rowing coordiator at ONEC.

In addition Jack Vandermeer started work this weekend as the weekend custodian. Jack will work Thursdays and Fridays from 5:00 pm until closing andopening the club from 7:00 am until noon on Saturdays and Sundays. He is completing grade 12 this spring at Canterbury High School, is bilingual and also an accomplished trumpet player heading to University of Ottawa in the fall.

Please take a momen tto welcome all of them in their new responsibilities.


Junior skills development program - Competitive Foundations

April 15, 2014

This year the ORC is offering a revised junior development program to help prepare new and inexperienced rowers between the ages of 12 and 18 with the skills they need for successful competitve rowing.

You can find all the details about the program here.

For questions about the programming, coaching and schedule: contact Kate Gorsline

For questions about fees or registration: contact Greg Brown



Registration for all 2014 programs is now open

February 29, 2014

Registration consists of two steps;

STEP ONE: registration in your program with Rowing Canada,

STEP TWO: registration with the Ottawa Rowing Club and fee payment at the Ronin registration site.

HAVE YOU DONE BOTH STEPS? Then you are REGISTERED in your program

Junior athletes should be registered by a parent or guardian.

For more information about our programs see: Competitive,Recreational, Adult Rowing League, Learn to Row, High School, Discover Rowing, Youth Summer Camp.

Credit card statements
While most credit card statements say "RONIN* Ottawa Rowing Club(Competitive Program)," some credit cards and banks cut off a portion of the account information and registrants may only see (RONIN or PaybyRONIN).

Do you need help? Ronin Or via phone at: 1-888-554-6665 From 8:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday For other issues contact

Coaches, Directors, Volunteers and Day Visitors

Coaches, directors, volunteers, and day visitors should register here.

If you are a coach, director or volunteer and don’t have an account on the Rowing Canada membership site, please create one.
The registrar does coach, director, or volunteer registration with Rowing Canada.

Coaches please send an image of your boating license, police check letter and any coaching certificates you have to if you didn’t do it last year.

Rackage Rackage fees are due by April 1.

You can pay the fees through Ronin here.

Anyone wishing a one year sabbatical from their rack spot in the Andy Binda boathouse must notify the ORC of their request in writing – and pay their rackage fees – by the April 1 deadline. The ORC is not responsible for insuring private boats against theft or damage.

Fees for each rpogram can be found here.



Club calendar 2014

July 4-6 Independence Day Regatta - Philadelphia
July 5 ERA Regatta - Montreal
July 26-27 RowOntario - Welland
Aug 5-10 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta - St Catharines
Sept 28 Head of the Rideau
Oct 4 Head of the Trent - Peterborough
Oct 11 Brock Invitational - St. Catharines
Oct 17-19 Head of the Charles - Boston
Oct 24-25 Ontario Universities Rowing Championship - St Catharines
Oct 26 Head of the Fish - Saratoga Springs NY
Nov 1-2 Canadian Uiversities Rowing Championship
Nov 7-9 RADAR - Welland


2013 Year-end video

November 24, 2013

You can watch the 2013 ORC year-end video here on YouTube.

Thanks to Mr Tang who put it together


Rowing Canada Privacy policy

Read the RCA privacy policy as it relates to data you provide to Rowing Clanada when you register.

Ronin logo


Tour our Boathouse

A table setting in the boathouse

See our Boathouse banquet facilities, our scenic Ottawa Rover location complete with grounds and gardens, a terrace landing on the banks of the river for wedding ceremonies, parking for 90 vehicles and photos from previous functions at the boathouse.

Rental details for weddings, receptions, meetings and corporate learn-to-row sessions can be found here.

Please direct all questions by email here.

Download the Boathouse rental fact sheet and contract for 2014

Check the calendar for 2014 dates already booked.


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Frequently asked questions about rowing

March 1, 2014

Q: What is the difference between rowing and paddling?
A: Rowing is an Olympic water sport. Paddling includes canoe, kayak and dragon boating.  The rower is seated backwards in the boat with oars propelling the boat in the opposite direction of the rower. The rowing stroke is a function of the legs and the arms with the seats in the boats mobile to move with the rowers’ stroke – it is a full body workout!  Rowing can be done as an individual, or part of a boat crew. Calm, flat water is ideal for rowing.

Q: How old do I need to be to start?
A: 12 years old, depending on physical strength and maturity.

Q: Am I too old to start rowing?
A: Rowing is a sport for all ages and levels, so it is never to late to learn to row!

Q: What level of swimming should I have?
A: Being comfortable treading water as well as swimming in deep water without support from a life vest is ideal for rowing and other water sports. Non-swimmers can wear a personal (pouch styled) floatation device.

Q: What is the Coxswain?
A: Usually a smaller rower who sits at the stern of the boat, facing the bow. The coxswain (or coxie) coordinates the rhythm and power of the rowers and steers the boat.

Q: How do I get to the Ottawa Rowing Club?
A: The ORC is located at 10 Lady Grey Dr. Ottawa, ON. The boathouse is located on the Ottawa River, off Sussex Drive opposite the Saudi Embassy, just eats of downtown Ottawa. Program activities take place in the second, larger boathouse.
Limited parking is available on site for members and program participants. OC transpo bus route #9 stops a few minutes walk to the club and bike racks are on site.

Q: What should I wear/bring?
A: Snug fitting clothing, socks and running shoes, hat, sunglasses, water bottle in an old sock, lock.           

Q: What amenities are available onsite?
A: Free wireless Internet access, vending machines, refrigerator, microwave, personal day-use lockers, showers change rooms, strength training equipment and rowing machines.

Q: How long is the rowing season?
A: The season is weather dependent. Water safety is top priority, when water levels and temperatures are safe, the boats can be in the water. The season usually starts at the beginning of April and runs until early November.

Q: I am a rower visiting from out of town; can I row with your club?
A: Yes! We have guest memberships available. You must be registered with another club in order to row as an ORC guest.










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